SXSoWasted 2

NSFW Show + The Possum Posse + Ali Spagnola's Power Hour

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Join the cast of's NSFW Show as they host the best SXSW party of the year...if not EVER!

The event kicks off at 4pm CST with a epic team edition of The Go Game between NSFW Show and  Take sides!

That's followed at 7pm CST by the actual SXSoWasted event at The Eastern which will feature performances by The Possum Posse (of "Guy On A Buffalo" fame) and a Power Hour by Ali Spagnola (legal defender of your right to party).

SXSW badges are NOT required! If you bring one, we may kick you out.  This event is FREE!  That includes The Go Game AND the music. You pay for nothing except your own tasty beverages.



      • The Possum Posse
      • The Greatest Band in the Universe. Possibly, Ever.
      • Ali Spagnola
      • A drinking composer with a music problem.

Schedule of Events

5:00PM The Go Game
7:00PM SXSoWasted Begins
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